What is the Froomle platform?

The Froomle platform is a full-suite personalisation engine, powered by AI. We personalise your e-mails, website, on-site search or interactive bot. With Froomle, you can give every one of your customers an optimally relevant and personal experience with your brand.

This is how we do it: Froomle’s event API is integrated into your website and/or e-mails, so that we know what the user was presented, clicked and what she ended up consuming. We then use all this data to train our machine learning algorithms to recommend you other interesting items to view or consume. Our algorithms are fully tuneable, and we’ll optimise them for your use case(s). We then combine that data with the metadata you provided us with to add additional filtering capabilities on top.

In other words, when a user visits the overview page for trousers, we’ll make sure they’ll only be recommended the perfect trousers for them, that are in stock and part of that latest collection you just launched. We’ll also make sure the customer hasn’t already bought them. They’ll find that perfect pair, and you’ll close a sale: everybody happy!

This documentation goes on to the describe the technical details of the Froomle Platform. It is organised as follows:

The section Concepts describes the different types of information the Froomle platform uses. Read this section if you wish to understand how Froomle models its universe. There is also the full Reference where you can find a complete description of the APIs and how to upload data to the Froomle platform in batches. Lastly, we also provide a how to section to help you get started.