Go-Live & Analytics

Once integration is complete, Froomle will provide you with an overview of any issues that need be solved based on our Quality Assurance process. You can find below a number of common mistakes in integration.

After any critical issues are solved you can go Go-Live after which we will do additional QA checks on the live traffic.

We will provide you with access to the froomle portal in which you can evaluate recommendations visually and access Froomle reporting.

Refer to our metrics page in case you want to download metrics from our platform directly.

Common mistakes

  • Make sure you have thoroughly reviewed our integration guidelines on user types & anonymous users and on AB testing. Mistakes often result in lower recommendation quality and incorrect reporting.

  • Make sure that you are sending us updates on your item catalogue as quickly as possible. Mistakes result in lower recommendation quality.

  • Make sure your item identifiers (item_id) are unique and match across your items, events and recommendation requests. Mistakes result in lower recommendation quality, specifically users might receive recommendations of items they have already consumed.