A recommendation by Froomle means:

Based on all information we have, we believe this item should be shown to this user on this position or rank.

Or for the reverse case of audience targeting:

Based on all information we have, we believe these users are the best matches for the campaign with these items.

Item recommendations

Froomle generates a set of recommendations for each recommendation request you sent us via the appropriate API. In the request you will have to specify the module for which you request recommendations, the user and any specific context we need to know (e.g. the item currently watched by the user). Each recommendation in the set has a rank indicating the position to show it. For a full overview of the API specification see: Reference - Recommendations API.

Our recommendations are generated by combining the output of different recommendation algorithms into a recommendation set optimized for the module and the user. We store explanations for each recommendation to be able to trace it back to where it came from.

When you present one of our recommendations to the user we expect an impression event. When your user clicks on a recommendation we expect a click on recommendation event. We call these integration events.

User recommendations

For audience targeting everything works in a similar but reverse way: you request users for a certain campaign (with one or more items) that you want to send out. Froomle will generate & rank the users that are most relevant for the given module and item(s) and send them back to you. For a full overview of the API specification see: Reference - Audience Targeting API.

You can then send out the campaign via push message, e-mail, or even good old mail if you like. Like with item recommendations, we expect integration events to understand what happens with our recommendations.